Eating out is something we all do to for entertainment, to socialise, network and also to avoid cooking because let’s face it, we are lazy human beings.  When we do eat out though, sometimes we feel like lack of control when we go out for dinner with family, friends and or work colleagues. However, there are ways in which you can go out and enjoy your meals without feeling guilty or feeling like you can’t stay on top of your fitness and health goals! Generally, restaurants have all the control, but here are some ways you can take control over what you put inside your body when eating out.

Choose restaurants that gives you options. If you have a choice to choose between restaurants, then try to look for one that doesn’t just serve fried chicken. Look for ones that has options. This way you have more options.

Steamed, boiled, grilled and poached foods are healthier ways in which restaurants prepare their meals. Opt for these options over deep fried foods as usually restaurants reuse cooking oil (especially when deep frying). By choosing other options over deep frying, you will decrease the amount of bad fats that you consume!

Ask for no sugar. A lot of restaurants here in Thailand use palm sugar, condensed milk or caster sugar in cooked meals, bubble tea, coffee and more. Ask for them to leave the sugar option on the side (or completely out), so that you can control how sweet your food is. If you have never gone without sugar, try to decrease the amount you put in each time so that you train your body not to continue to crave sugar.

Talking about leaving things on the side, you can also do this with salad dressings, fish sauce, or other sauces in general as well. Again, this give YOU the control of how much you put into your food.

Add a side of vegetables. Sometimes when we eat out, we don’t realise that our meals don’t have any vegetables. We get our vital vitamins and minerals from vegetables so try to order this on the side if it doesn’t come as part of your meal.

Drink water. Alcoholic drinks as well as soda drinks are filled with empty calories (not nutritious) and are also expensive! Save your money and save your calories for nutritious food by drinking water. Your body will benefit from this and you will also stay hydrated.