1.Eating whole foods

Whole foods are foods which have not been processed, refined and is free from additives and artificial substances. By eating whole foods, you are getting food in its natural state. This means that they contain more vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients in that food which is highly beneficial to your body.  

2.Focus on the quality of your meals

The number calories you eat is important when it comes to losing, maintaining and gaining weight. However, it is not what you should focus on. By focusing on what you are eating rather than how much or how little you are eating is a lot more important for your health and satisfaction. The quality of the foods you are putting into your body will help monitor your cravings, give you the correct vitamins and minerals to ensure that you are eating a balanced diet. Try to incorporate lots of colour in your food to ensure that you are getting in a variety of nutrients.

Foods that have very little nutritional value, or as some people may call it “cheat meals” should be consumed in moderation to ensure that you are enjoying your fat loss journey.


Drinking enough water is also important to successful fat loss. Water carries nutrients to your cells, flushes out bacteria and prevents constipation. Staying hydrated will also stop you from feeling “hungry” when you’re dehydrated. Therefore, eliminating cravings that you may have. Water has a lot of other benefits as well such as improving your physical performance, boost your mood, brain activity and more.

Women should aim for 2 Litres of water and men, 3 Litres of water per day!  

4.High Levels of Regular exercise

Exercising a minimum of 3 times a week at high levels will help you burn fat and build muscle. When you have very little time, take advantage of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which involved short intervals of exercise at 70 – 90% of your maximum effort followed by periods of recovery. Your body will stay in fat burning mode for the rest of the day even just after 20 minutes of working out. Your muscles are working harder, which means it burns more fat.

Strength training is also a great option for fat loss as it increases your metabolism, builds muscle and in turn, shreds fat. Lastly, incorporating activities that you like doing for example walking, swimming and playing sport into the mix can keep you motivated and fit!


Resting is something that a lot of people on their fat loss journey struggle to do. However, it is so vital for your body to rest. This is because when you rest, your muscles and body recovers. It is when your body rebuilds itself to perform better and to be stronger.